Work Trucks


Although the Nissan Frontier technically falls into the “small Truck” segment very little of it could be considered “small” with the only exception being its starting price of $17,990. The S trim version comes with a surprisingly powerful 2.5Liter 4 Cylinder Engine that delivers a good 23MPG highway or go for the biggest and best in the Nissan Frontier SV V-6 trim with a 261 Horsepower. Find the Nissan Frontier as well as a great selection used trucks (big and small) at Carr Nissan in Beaverton, OR.


What defines a “Truck”? Is it 317 Horsepower? Is it a V8 Engine standard. Is it the ability to tow a ton, or 4.75 of them? However, you define a “Truck” you’ll find that the Nissan Titan checks all of the right boxes. If you’ve been curious about the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado 1500, Ram Truck, or Toyota Tundra You NEED to come test-drive the Nissan Titan which is on sale now at Carr Nissan.